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Nolan starts a true confessions of reloading. Maybe you shouldn't be reloading if...

dpeters8445 has a poll on the importance of estimating a stage's hit factor, resulting in a discussion that is at times informative and at times confusing.

EricW has an outstanding illustrated tutorial on tuning the Dillon RF100 primer feeder.

kdj asks, Has Open gun progress stopped?"

Vince Pinto starts a terrific discussion of debugging courses of fire. A must-read for stage designers, range masters, and match directors.

Rufus the Bum asks what motivates

us to purchase $2,000 blasters.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back and surf the forums, an old recipe topic is resurrected. Could this be the first recipe posted on Brian's forums? (Not including topics lost in the Great Crash of 2001.) If you know of an earlier recipe topic, let me know. Together, we can get through this recipe crisis.

Previous month's "Best of B.E. Forums"

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Now I know you think I'm making this up, but, just last week I made the best pot of chile I ever made. And I seriously considered posting the recipe.


Now I'm glad I didn't, as I only would have fell into a pit of ridicule.


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