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Odd, rambling thoughts, no particular reason...not really a question.

Thinking back to age 13 (1958). Sunny, cool, pretty weather. I think I'll go to the gravel pit and shoot guns for awhile. First I loaded (safely) my pistol with some 22's and gave some cans real fits. After a couple of hours plinking, I put up my pistol and load up my 30-30 rifle and shoot up a couple of boxes, then load the 'ol Winchester Model 63 22 automatic and shoot some more cans way out there. Didn't bring the shotgun today--no shells.

Just thinking that at no time growing up, dozens of guns and thousands of rounds, did I or anyone else I knew refer to any gun as a "weapon". I still don't. Habit I guess. Pistol, rifle, shotgun, but never really thought of it as a "weapon", though we sure knew it could be used as one (so can a beer can opener). Heck, we were just having fun.

If, however, at three o'clock some morning my wife and I are awakened by an intruder, I will immediately take up my pistol and/or shotgun and present them as a weapon. Until that day comes, I'll just have fun with my "guns".

I suppose symantics have changed much faster than I have. Got to catch up on these things.

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A truly excellent post - thanks.

I personally cringe whenever I see the word "weapon" used in relation to sporting firearms. To me, the word "weapon" deals with a user's intent or actions - it's not necessarily an inherent vice associated with an inanimate object.

In most countries I know, motor vehicles are the most lethal weapons, but they were certainly not intended to be so. Firearms are only weapons when used as such. Most of the time they sit there quietly minding their own business!

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