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Scaled down targets for dry firing


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I've searched, but have not found what I'm looking for. I want to scale down the USPSA target to simmulate the sight picture at different distances only on the same wall. I've seen the 1/3 cardboard. I want to be able to put targets on my wall so that some will appear the same as from 10yds. 15yds, 20yds. ex. Is there a formula for a ratio or something to be able to scale them down? (I want the apperance of different distances all on the same wall for a dry fire course in the house.)


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Send me your email address (mine is farang@ipsc.org), and I'll email you the one that I made. It is a Classic target drawn in PhotoShop, that fills a A4/US Letter page. I can send it as a jpeg and then you can open it in any image software. You can then print it at different percentages (25%, 50%, 100%) to get different sizes. Just trim the white edges, stick them to the wall with blutack, and dry-fire away...



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Hey i do the same here in Brazil.

I make a Classic Target in Corel Draw, and make a 3 sizes of targets.

the real target have 57 cm X 45 cm with out the non scoring border

I made this sizes

1:3 = 19 x 15

1:5 = 11,40 x 9

1:10 = 5,7 x 4,5

If you put the 1/3 scale target at 5 yards, then it wil appear as a real target at 15 yards.

I Print it in a A4 Sheet but the target is brown not white exept the penalty target, so i take my target and make another with a brown papper, like a hard papper bag and with the color os the target, and looks very good to me.

I really sorry for my english, i hope you undertand what i mean.


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I'd see if I could scale up my dryfire range instead of scaling down my targets. Chris' targets would be fantastic for simulating 50 yarders, but you really need *some* distance so that you learn to lead with your eyes and pull your focus back.

The absolute best stuff for dryfire targets is corrugated plastic - the kind the use for outdoor signs. I've got some pseudo steel challenge targets in the backyard that have been up since last summer and they still look beautiful. I'm going to cobble up some metric ones out of brown sign board for this year. :)

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