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Primer pocket swaging


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What are the pros and cons of the stuff thats available ?

I am sick of reaming, and sometimes I run into a batch of brass with off center crimps that do not respond as well as I'd like.

Does swaging ALWAYS give a nice entry into the pocket ?

I am sure the Dillon is good.

RCBS is cheaper, is it as fast/good ?

Anything better ?

Thanks in advance.

Travis F.

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I have the RCBS and find that military brass still needs a pass with a reamer to get the pocket clean. I tried reaming alone, but found that a pass with the RCBS reduces the reaming needed by a whole lot so I use both.



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I have the RCBS primer pocket swager, it works fairly well on small primers, poorly on the large primers. I have a substantial quantity of 45acp military brass and the RCBS doesn't work well on the large primers in the 45, it's a pain. I also have a large quantity of 9mm military brass and have had good results with the small primer pockets.

I guess I am going to have to break down and buy the Dillon, from everything I have read it works extremely well.

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