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11-87 and optima


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Are you going to use the same barrel for both?

I have a ported barrel for my 1100 that keeps me from using it for limited and I am thinking of setting it up for open. I was thinking of mounting a scope/dot on one of those cantilever mounts that attaches to the vent rib but puts the sight back over the reciever. I was thinking about that because when I remove the barrel the scope will stay with it and I can put on the limited barrel.

Neal in AZ

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Hi Rob,

I installed (butchered) mine into place myself after finding that John Paul couldn't give me a fast turn on the work but could ship me a mount right away. I hacksawed out (yeah, hacksawed) the chunk of vent rib that needed removin', went to the hardware store and got a tube of high temp, high strength, metal to metal epoxy adhesive. I ground the finish off the underside of the mount and on the barrel where the mount covers to give a good bonding surface. The alignment of the base while it cures is the trickiest part. I clamped the bbl and stock in a vise bore-sighted on a target about 20 feet away. Then I installed the JPoint/Optima on the base and made sure that with a proper cheek weld on the stock, the dot was aligned with the bore-sight point of aim, but about 1 inch high. The sight put slugs on paper 5" high and centered at 20 yards first try after I let it cure for 3 days. Been 2-3k rounds since and it's still rock solid after many. many temp cycles and lotsa' physical abuse.

JP usually mounts it right where the barrel stops sloping about 4 inches in front of the receiver. I chose to put mine out flush with the fore-end so a flip-n-burn re-load style won't have the sight in the way as the shotgun rotates in my weak hand.



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