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Para Ord Big Sticks


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I am looking for some advice on where I can find 170mm magazines for my Para P16-40 based open gun.

Were 170mm magazines made? Do they come up for sale on occasion? Does someone make a +9 or so basepad that makes a stock P16 magazine into 170mm? Will the magazines from other manufacturers work?

If I can find old big sticks, who makes replacement parts to keep them functioning?



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Sorry. Brain fart here. I was thinking of my Super.

Yeah, 26 is the most I've heard of in a STI/Para big stick. Of course the Para factory (standard length) mags will hold more ammo than the STI (standard length) due to the angle of the taper at the top of the mag. Back when, I had heard of people cutting and welding two Para mags into one big stick. I had heard of welded together Para factory .38 Super mags holding 33+1. Something done up like this might hold 28 or so in .40.

There is a guy that goes by the name Bustoff on subguns.com that has been cutting/welding subgun mags together. Makes 60+ round STEn mags, as well as others. I have heard nothing but good reports about his work. I'm considering sending some steel M-11 mags to him to make up a really big stick for my full-auto race gun. I don't see why he couldn't do up a Para mag this way.

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