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Swaged Jacket Vs Plated

Lee Watne

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Living a long way from the supply in Alaska, bullet suppliers charge for shipping here. Some local shops sell plated bullets at substantially lower prices than I can get swaged jacket bullets shipped up here. Will I be sacrificing accuracy for a lower price by using the plated bullets? I don't want to use lead cast due to smoke in the indoor ranges. I noticed that a lot of people at the IDPA Nationals were using plated bullets according to the Tactical Journal.

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Plated bullets work great in some guns and shoot like a shotgun in others, it just depends on yours.

I have a Kimber singlestack 45 that loves them but my 40cal. limited gun shoots JHP's much better.

I have also found it takes just a bit less powder to make major with plated vs. jacketed.

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As above, try a small box before you buy a truckload.

In my 45 they work very well.

They seem to like lower velocities.

In my 357s, yecch !

Likewise none of my carbines like them either.

You won't push them fast enough in a 45acp to bother them.

Travis F.

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