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Rear Sight Clickage


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Is there a known and accepted "right way" of adjusting the rear sight on an AR15? That is, chasing it one way or the other? (E.g., always come to your windage setting from the right, or always come down to your elevation setting.) I figure the service rifle guys would have come up with it and I vaguely remember reading something about it.

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As far as backlash goes, a quality standard A2 sight with 1 MOA elevation clicks and 1/2 MOA windage clicks (the typical adjustments) is going to show a lot less imprecision than you might think. A match grade sight with 1/2 MOA E and 1/4 MOA W is usually a little better built than the run of the mill A2, but I can not find any difference in POI no matter what way I come in to a setting on either type of A2 rear sight I have. If an AR rear sight has enough thread lash to need a specific direction used for sight changes then it belongs out in back with the beer cans and not on a competition rifle.

There are a number of "accepted" ways, to put dope on a sight, all of which have more to do with remembering what you need to do, than worrying about thread lash.

The method I prefer when shooting High Power is to take it all the way down (to the basement) and back to the L/R center marks after each course (the all dope off position), then apply the actual dope for that course from scratch.

Another method is to start from the 200 yard zero and then add/subtract El & W as required to get the next dope onto the sight.

I find the first method less confusing to keep track of, especially when you wind up making small corrections within a course of fire for changing range conditions. A fresh start for each string is safer than adding dope by remembering what changed during the previous string and trying to do an offset.

I keep the known zero dope for each course written on a piece of tape on the stock so I can find the right dope from "all off" at a glance when my memory fails. The first thing I do as I finish a course is to take the sight to "Zero" (no dope on) and then click the new dope on from scratch.



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