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Passions Of Christ


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My girlfriend ( who is an anthropology grad ) recently saw "The Passions of Christ". She is a devoute athiest and only went to the show because family pushed.

After the show she was filled with questions. Questions of anyone that doesn't have a thorough knowledge of the Bible. Her family answered all of her questions until she asked this one;

Her cousin says, " That was such a great movie,,,it was so true to the book"

She respondes, " I didn't know it was written from a book "

Her cousin says, " I meant the Bible!!! "

She respondes, " Oh,,,"

Great comedy!!!

Then from Leno,,,

In his opening monologue, Leno joked that the movie, which cost Gibson $30 million to make, was doing so well that "there's now talk of turning it into a book."

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