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Excessive Pressure When Using Ranier 45acp Bullets


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I am somewhat confused. According the the data on the Rainier site:

For the Rainier 200gr SWC TMJ bullet--

Accurate Arms' load data for AA is at 1.220 OAL

Midways' load data for Win 231 powder is at 1.265 OAL


W231 6.6gr 941 fps 20,000 using OAL = 1.265

AA5 8.7gr 942 fps 16,900 using OAL = 1.220

This seems like a very large difference in OAL.

AA5 has same velocity with 85% of the pressure even though the case volume is 4% smaller. Is it really that much slower than W231?

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I can't verify the powder burn thing, as I have not loaded either of the above mentioned powders in the last decade.

But the Midway data must have been worked up in a pressure barrel, some of the lengths mentioned are too long to run through a mag.

Rem. 185 gr. HP is one of the ones I remember as needing to be shortened slightly to function in a mag.

Travis F.

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