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Finally Got The Open Gun!


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will you be shooting .355 or .356 and why?

I recently pulled a case of 124gr Armscore bullets off a prize table. they mesure .3555". I plan on shooting them till they are gone. After that.... maby ill try some Montana Gold, Zero's, and some Rainiers. I'm really not sure if the difference of size (.355" and .356") will make any difference. Ill load some and try it.

My current load is:

124gr Armscore RN over 7.6gr VV-N350. Aprox 1354fps ie 168 power factor,

Starline brass and Win small rifle primers

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Awesome looking gun... Congrats on it. I hope it shoots as great as it looks. I'm sure it will and then some...

We need a range report......

Range report.....Range report.

Shot it tonight in a local indoor match. went good, didnt have as many 'A's as i would like but 'Mike' wasnt there. Its been a few years since i shot with a dot, and i used to shoot a Pro Point with the tube. this is going to take some used to and practice. Im getting rid of the trigger insert I have now and putting in a Long Flat one. I have big hands and this one is just to short.

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