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3-gun Class With Mike Voigt

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3-Gun Class with Mike Voigt

I have a slot (or two) available for a two-day class this weekend, in Richmond, CA. I know it’s short notice, but it’s a great opportunity to learn from one of the best. Cost is $375 for the two days. Minimum rounds are:

Rifle: 300

Pistol: 500

Shot: 200

With Mike, these are minimums and I would advise bringing more. If you’re interested, contact me ASAP via e-mail or PM.



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First of all, Kelly...like you need any help. :D

The class was great. Great instructor and class. Everyone was pushing everyone to do better, so you really gotta love it.

Two days, in Richmond and it was the only two days in the last week that it didn't rain. That's gotta be a sign.

Basic topics included:

- Understanding "3-Gun Scoring" versus just USPSA/IPSC scoring

- Understanding the elements to not losing a match for each gun

- Pistol drills

- Shotgun loading techniques

- Gun management through a course

- Shotgun drills

- Clarification on a lot of rifle ballistics and zeroes

- Rifle shooting positions

- Rifle drills

- 200 yard rifle at plates (bad ass!!!)

I would highly, highly recommend his class to anyone that's looking to get their fundamentals right as well as seasoned shooters, looking to trim some fat off your technique.

This is the second class (first was a one day pistol class) and can say he's a very good instructor that genuinely cares how you are learning. The results of his class while many were immediately apparent (I was kicking the crap out of the steel at distance. Woohoo!!!), with practice and probably 2-3 months of dedication, you will be better for it.

I was a little lacking in the confidence department at anything beyond say 150 with my AR. Just flat out lack of understanding. Now, I have the tools to make better shots and with practice know that I can make shots well beyond 200 yards.

For class info, either contact myself, or you can reach Mike through his USPSA e-mail address of president@uspsa.org.


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Well now my curiosity is piqued - and I need all the help I can get since I've never beat Mike in a 3 gun match.

What does El Prez recommend for shotgun and rifle drills? How does he recommend zeroing a rifle? What sort of targets were you utilizing for rifle training?

Oh Kurt, Mike is a strong handed shotgun loader. Long live the President!

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Even the good ones can have faults. I seem to remember that Mike usually shoots open. I can remember beating him once at SOF, in the days of the good old M-14, but as I recall he had some gun problems, but not with his shotgun, it was his rifle. Thank goodness he loads strong hand, as I need all the points I can get on Mike :D , but since I don't plan on shooting open in the near futur the point may well be.......pointless. KURTM

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Basic drills for the shotgun were loading, loading and more loading. Understanding about the need to cover terrain as fast as possible while reloading because with shotgun, you need to hit the steel and you need to load the shotgun...quickly. So, a lot of the drills were pretty simple. First was shooting fixed steel targets (about 15-20 yards down range) and after engaging each, moving forward and loading under the clock. Second basic one was a mini stage with assorted steel and bird flipping poppers. About 5-6 per array. Engaging and just really pushing different positions and movement.

For rifle, we shot at the MGM lollipoppers and man are those things cool!!! Too we shot at some fixed steel targets (Rio rules of single shot the little ones and double the big ones!). These were done at around 40 yards and mainly were to focus on getting into a good, stable kneeling position as well as getting out of into subsequent shooting positions. Great training and my knee is still sore to prove it (yeah I need to buy knee pads). Lastly we finished out at 200 yards on the lollipoppers. Good stuff. The end "competition" for the class was to shoot four of them from kneeling behind a barricade, move about 10 yards to another position and shoot four more either kneeling or standing and then go prone and shoot four more. Had I remembered to load one of my mags all the way and that "click" meant reload (total brain shutdown), I would have done it faster, but for the first pass of 61 seconds, I'll take it. I know I can get it into the 40's without too much difficulty.

Zero'ing basically became almost shooter preference, but he did advise using some good ballistic software and seeing the difference between a 200 yard zero and a 250 yard zero and their effect on POI change. Great information!!!

Mike prefaced the class that everything that we SHOULD be learning for a 3-gun class would take about 2 weeks. And while compressing that into 2 days was going to be tough, I know no one in our class with a complaint and for sure no one that wasn't sore when Sunday was over. I'm planning on taking a rifle class with him, to work on some of fundamentals some more, and work on positions more.

Mike's a great guy, great instructor and a true pleasure to learn from and I advise anyone to take a class from him whether it be pistol or 3-gun.


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