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Saul Kirsch's Super Squad Dvd

Steve Anderson

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Anyone who feels a weakness in movement needs to get the new Super Squad DVD NOW. You'll see several different styles of movement and will be influenced by them all.

Max and Travis are very quick, crisp, and precise. It looks somebody hit the FF button between positions. Rising into a new position, they look almost spring loaded.

Todd Jarret is also crisp and precise, but exits a little earlier than some others out of positions. You'll see him practically falling away from some positions as he fires his last shots.

Robbie has a very interesting style. Rather than trying to be fast, he shoots very efficiently, often shooting much earlier coming in to a new position rather than running closer to it.

I've watched Eric G a million times on his own vid (also a required resource) and he never looks fast, rushed, or hurried. Nothing about his technique (and this is NOT any form of criticism) looks particularly impressive, he just shoots and moves.

Poor Saul is just so damn tall he has to crouch a lot and has a lot of extra limb mass to get going, he also seems to shoot faster splits than the rest of the super squad.

When I playing a lot of guitar, I discovered that there were two ways to be influenced by another musician. You could either:

1. Pick apart the entire technique, and learn the body of work note for note, recite it verbatim, and then quote your favorite parts in your own work. (Stevie Ray Vaughan crept in this way)

2. Just Listen to the artist exclusively for two weeks and wait for the phrases to get in your stytle subconsciously. (Louis Armstrong got in this way)

This video will work both ways. You can study hard and pick it apart, or you can watch it a million times and absorb.

I don't know if Brian sells it, (I didn't see it in the store today) but until he does it is available at Max Michel: Max's Choice



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yo, steve...enjoyed your post! especially the musical parallel. i got into this sport a couple of years ago, and found/fell a definite similarity to musical pursuits. technique, practice, style, different horns, etc..... some of my musical friends think it's kinda strange, but so are they! that moment in time that the gun goes off in is very musical, at least to me. and it's good to hear guitar players listening to louis..... coltrane was a single stack kinda guy, i bet....and if mike brecker picks up an open gun.......... :blink:

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Between Paul's DVD of the super squad at the Florida Open, and the DA Academy 2003 Nationals DVD, there is a lot of video opportunity available to compare, critique, and look for areas of improvement. Shameless BE Dealer plug - I am now also offering the 2003 Nationals DVD. Here's the link:


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Got it in the mail today and just finished watching.

1 - Doesn't it piss you off to see that you don't have to "sprint" to each position in order to be fast? Rather, being deliberate and aggressive.

2 - TT's reloads. Do I need to say more?

Great job Saul!


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