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Blame The Victim


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Call to customer support:

"My (insert product here) is broken."

(Your call isn't the only call they've gotten on this. It's like the 700th.)

"It's broken? Well, stop using it (or put and irrelevant band-aid on it), and it won't break again."

I hate this crap. Companies have become so ass-backward that no matter how defective the product is, it's always the customer's fault somehow. They replace the product as a token effort to be a good vendor, but the problem that caused the defect to begin with goes merrily on. Why? Because managment will become enraged if the people doing support try to bring a systemic problem to light, then blame tech support / blame the users / blame some 3rd party. All so the problem never has to be fixed.

Some day over the rainbow, some management genius will actually look at their support calls and re-engineer their product and/or process so that they don't get the call to begin with. Until then, we all get to ride this stupid merry-go-round together.

I hate that.

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Another perspective from a guy who runs "Customer Support" for IPSC.

I estimate that 90% of the enquiries I receive are from people who don't read the flocking manual (the rulebook or the FAQ on the IPSC website).

Very frustrating but I still manage to keep my cool (thank you Prozac) :blink:

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Well just to expand on this one a bit. I am a computer tech for my company and HP and I have a wonderful relationship.

I go through all the troubleshooting things I know and the ones they have listed on thier site for this or that product.


Coustomer support how can I make you feel like an idiot today.

(Me) Well I have blah blah product, it does blah blah, I have done blah blah to fix it.

(CS) Sir can you please try to reboot the system

(Me) I already did all that I just told you.

(CS) Sir can you please check to see if the product is plugged it.

(Me) Yep your right I was just soooo dumb that even thought I tried all the thing I just told you and the things on your site it was just from not being plugged it.

(CS) Thank you sir and let us know if you need anything else.

(Me) Yes I need you to stand there and hold this sign for me.

(CS) What sign sir. The one that say you need money for a new brain. Thanks you have a wonderful day. :angry:

Happy Shooting!


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They have a good one over at EDS. Lady calls up trying to figure out why her monitor stopped working. After half hour of trying to figure out why and checking all the cables, the tech asked her to describe exactly what happened when the monitor stopped working. She reply, "first the lights in the building went out, then the monitor stopped working. His reply was, "ma'am what I need you to do is put the computer back in the box it came in. Take it back to the store and tell them you're too stupid to use a computer." He's no longer with the company.

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