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Hosting A Match

Tom Mainus

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I am looking for some input from those of you out there that have experience in putting on a good size match.(sectional champioinship etc.) What should the host club expect in return for hosting the match? Is there a set fee that you use? A certain percentage of the match after expenses are paid. Does all the money go back to the shooters for prizes, nothing to the club. If it is a scetional match, does any money go to the section? Maybe no money to the shooters all to the club thanks for coming. Do any of you guys ever see any accounting of expenses for any of the matches that you attend?

I guess I am wondering how greedy can you get with a match and still not piss off all of the shooters. The host club is allowing the use of the facilties, they are assuming all the liability for the match. They probably have some out of pocket expenses. What seems fair to you guys? I realize I am asking alot of questions, if you have an answer for just one I would like to hear it.

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hi tom,

there are several factors the will determine the proft to your club. here's a quick list:

1. expense of props. i. e. what will be the cost of additional props will be involved, above your club current inventory. if your club has a lot of props, less expense more profit.

2. ro expense. how many rooms at the local hotel will it cost for extra ro's.

3. what kind of prize structure will you use? prize tabe, or cash. how many places to pay down, if cash.

4. entry fee. the larger the entry fee the more money your club will make, duh.

5. tee shirt revenue can really help your profit of the match.

6. fees to the uspsa.

getting back to your original question. if you have an entry fee of say $100 and you have a 100 paid entries, barring any unforseen problems, your club should be able to generate anywhere from $1500 to $2000.

i have helped out in a couple of section mathes and this is in th ball park.

good luck,


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Hi Tom,

What should the host club expect in return for hosting the match?

I guess I shouldn't even be answering this question, but my answer is "Accolades from all participants for hosting an excellent match".

I'm arguably the world's most vocal proponent against prize tables, and it's my opinion that the match fee should be as low as possible (in order to benefit all competitors, not just division, category or class winners), and it should only be high enough to cover direct expenses such as targets, props, RO amenities (e.g. lunch & refreshments), and a few token trophies, with a small but reasonable surplus which should be used by the host club to acquire better props for the next match.

I'll go back and stand in the corner facing the wall now :ph34r:

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Again I'm going to side with Vince. (That's twice now in 2 days! :) )

Competitors seem reasonably comfortable with match surpluses being invested back into the club.

There is a really good club over here who found a small (6 acre) wood to use for IPSC Shotgun matches. With very limited funds they set it up as a venue. Over the past few years they have held Level II matches and monthly club shoots all run by volunteers.

They have being making regular profits and it's all been reinvested and the improvements are clear for everyone to see.

No fancy club rooms or executive toilets just a good solid club shooting facility. Run by shooters , for shooters.

There are now more targets, props, bays, shooting areas, more car parking, a storage container, a small cabin for lectures/stats/tea, more gun racks, etc.

They have never made it a secret that the club has made money by running matches but there's not been a single complaint because of the way the money has been spent.

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Vince & Neil: you are my heroes! Perhaps this discussion deserves its own thread let's ditch prize tables altogether; the stuff that is "won" just ends up for sale on the USPSA.com classifieds on Monday after the match anyway. Anyone out there against lower match fees? Anyone think big match fees are too low & would like to pay more? This might be a dead horse but I am curious as to what others think about eliminating visits to the "prize table"

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