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My wife and I are going to hit several State and regional IDPA matches this year. We are looking for fun matches. You know the kind. Where the stages follow the rules, the stages are fun and the SO's are fair and friendly. :D

They need to be within about an 8 hour drive of the Wheeling, West Virginia area. This covers several states. :D

We have already looked at what is out there but we can't make all of them. :( This is a chance for MD's to try to convince us to attend your match. :D

Shooters, what matches did you shoot last year that you absolutely do not want to miss this year?

Also, are there any matches that aren't listed on the IDPA web site?

Thanks for the help.

Bill Nesbitt

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The Michigan State IDPA mach was excellent last year. Even had some enjoyable side matches. This year is in a different location, but I am sure the match will have some good stages. Also, it is set for a one day format so you do not have to spend all weekend in the same hotel room! It should be about 8 hours from WV.

Hope to see ya there!


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:lol: I think the boys down at Bluegrass are waiting until they can determine the hottest day on record for 2004 <_< ...but I'll still be going if possible.

Both Indiana matches were excellent for their first ever IDPA majors. I would attend both (if the Wildcat boys have a match!)

Michigan gave away $19,000 worth in guns last year! A new club is running 2004 so that might not happen again. So far everyone seems really nice up there and the matches are always good.

My 2003 matches in order or overall match quality (in my humble opinion).

1) West Virginia (gets the nod over the Nationals because it was closer :P )

2) National Championship (in MS or AR but those AR boys put on a helluva match)

3) & 4) IL State and IL Midwest Regional (worth the 8 hour drive)

5) Bluegrass (Adair Sportsman Club - extra hot, just for you)

6) Either IN State or Regional match (great stages, great people)

7) Ohio (Fort Harmar Club in Marietta)

8) Michigan

9) Ohio Supershoot

10) Blackwater (the facility will blow you away - they don't shoot in the rain!)

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It hasn't been posted to the web site (I think) yet, but it's definitely on the Wildcat IDPA schedule.

Here's how things look for 2004:

Mar 27

Apr 10 Classifier

May 8

June 12

June 26 BUG match

July 10

Aug 14

Sept 11 State Championship

Oct 9 5 stages

Oct 23 BUG match

Nov 13

Also note that the regular club matches will start at 09:30 instead of 10:00 this year. I think they intend to run six stages every month instead of five, all for the low, low price of $10!

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Do you have any "events" planned for any of these matches? I'm bringing my wife you know. :D

I'll never tell!

I will say that the infamous pants have now been repaired and worn twice. So far, no more incidents.

I will say this ... if I need to wear knee pads, I'm not going to hide them under my pants again. I'd rather take a penalty (even though it should not be a penalty in any sane universe) than go through that again.

Oh, we also have another monthly IDPA match in Central Indiana. We're shooting on the third Saturday of the month at Atlanta Conservation Club (2nd Sunday is USPSA/IPSC).

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The NE champ offered 10 stages shot in 1/2 day. There are 5 bays at this range and each bay held two stages. Typically, one of the stages was a long scenario and the other was a shorter scenario. The stages were well though out and well set up. The have used real cars and trucks as props and there are typically a few movers. As a rule, the stage scenario was presented by the SO, the stage procedure was presented by the SO, and the shooter was left to solve the problem within the parameters set forth by the IDPA rule book.

In the past two years, the NE championship has been an absolutely fantastic match. The philosophy of presenting the shooter with the problem and allowing the shooter to solve the problem is what I feel an IDPA match should be about.

I will again be shooting this match Sunday PM.

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Thanks! I'm trying to plan my early matches around a "due date." Something tells me I'd be in a lot of trouble if I missed the birth of my first child due to a match. We were planning to hit the IL match on May 16th but she's due on June 7th....that's a little close. I'm considering shooting the NE Championship instead, especially since I've never shot it (or any other match northeast of the 2001 PA match).


What are you having worked on and by whom? I thought you were going completely plastic.... :lol:

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