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Have You Had To Replace The Striker Spacer?


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The topic tittle says it all. I've replaced this plastic spacer twice already in both of my G35s :huh: . I do practice dry firing alot with snap caps, but can't see how this thing keeps cracking at the shortest part toward the front. I don't think this is common, anyone else here have the same problem?

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I replaced this plastic spacer once in my G34.

At that time i a had some problems with the resetting of my trigger.

Took everything apart and find out the spacer was cracked, replaced the spacer and found that i still had the same problems.

The problems with the reseting were due to a bend triggerbar.

The spacer was probably cracked for a long time but it didn't effect the function of my G34.

Both my G35's still have the some spacers.



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I've had a couple snap at the weld line. It's a weak design.

Reasons you may be having problems:

Aftermarket parts

Modified parts.

Incorrect parts.

Chemicals attacking the plastic (long shot). Your striker should be run nearly dry.

This'll sound weird, but try ditching the snap cap. The cap may be causing some type of funny rebound and actually increasing the wear on your striker parts. There's no need for snap caps on a Glock.

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The only aftermarket part is a reduced power striker spring. I checked and the striker is not bottoming against this spacer, and I don't think it is striker since this happened on both of my G35s. The only thing in common between these two guns: AZoom snap caps and reduced power striker springs, well, and my hamfisted trigger finger ;) (That's why I dry fire alot in trying to get rid of the dunking!)

So far I've not found that the cracked sleeve affect the gun's function, but it just doesn't give me this 100% reliable feeling when I know there is a potential problem in the making.

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