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Which Red Dot Scope?


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I'm sure this has been asked before...and a search would pull up a few topics (that would likely make for a good FAQ), but this question was tagged onto another thread and need to be broken out.

I am interested in scopes. I know that CMore is the favorite. What else are people using?

If somebody posts all the variious choices out there, then I'll put them in a poll.

  • OKO
  • C-More
  • Optima/Firepoint
  • Doctor
  • Aimpoint
  • Tasco PDP3
  • Adco

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I don't personally, but I know quite a few peope that prefer the optima/j-point red dot. And then there are those that prefer the aimpoint tube. I can't find my issue of front shight but they did a breakdown of the gear used at the nationals, which included what red dot people were using.

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C-More with 6 moa is what I have on both of my open guns. I started with a Tasco PDP3 for a while, both guns had PDP3s on them and I liked the 10moa dot. It was quick locating the dot by using the tube as a reference, what I didn't like was all the weight - Heavy scope, rings and mount or a 5 oz 3 piece mount. Then I switch one of my guns to a C-More, it was fun because it was something new. I had a hard time with the scope specially during strong hand only drills, then it really got hard with weak hand only drills too. I was using the open gun with the PDP3 more often than the one topped with C-More. But I did a lot of dry firing with the C-More topped gun, then one day it just dawned on me. When I got used to the C-More it was actually faster than the PDP3. Transitions were faster and my draws immensely dropped down in time. Now all I use is C-more in my open guns and my PDP3s got a new life mounted on my hunting handgun and AR15. josh

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If somebody posts all the variious choices out there

You're going to have to narrow down some of the choices to fit the poll item limit:

Aimpoint XD, CompC, CompM2, CompML2, 5000, 7000S

ATN Ultra

BSA 30mm, 42mm, 50mm

Burris SpeedDot 135

Bushnell 23mm, 28mm

Busnell Holosight, Holosight 2





Tasco PDP4, PDP5, ProPoint, ProPoint Plus, RedDot 30mm, RedDot 42mm

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Mark me down for C-More. I had an OKO when I build my open gun but it didn't last 600 rounds before the windage adjustment shot loose and it stuck all the way to one side - in the middle of a plate rack run. The C-More has had a lot of rounds so far and I have even dropped the pistol a few times (not during a COF!) and it has always worked and never shifted zero. I got the click adjustable slide-ride model since I was told the switch was a lot more reliable than the rheostat. It has been rained on at a match with no adverse effects as well.

One thing I did like about the OKO was the battery. I can get the 2032 anywhere and even rob one out of my car remote if necessary.

I have one of the new EOtech 511s on an AR-15 and it has been working flawlessly for three years now except that it has a large appetite for batteries! I keep a couple sets in the buttstock now. If I had to replace it I'd opt for the AA battery version which wasn't out when I bought mine.

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Slide mounted. Just not picking it up as fast as I did the C-more. My splits have slowed down with it. I'm running 15-16's instead of 12's. I think it is a combo of the dot lift and the slide movement that is messing me up. The other drawback is the brightness even running the double battery pack it isn't cutting it.

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