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2004 Indiana Regional Idpa Championships

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Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I have been out of town. Anyway email Guy Minnis he is the Match Director.

Yes to shoot a Sanctioned Match you have to be an IDPA Member, I am not sure but I believe you have to be classified as well.

His email address is:


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We are less than 2 months away, time to stop thinking about it and get your entry form turned in. It is really filling up fast now.

Prize table is still growing, we have had some great help and support from vendors and companies. These are all donated items so please remember the name of these companies, they are the ones helping to promote the shooting sports not just a National level matches but at Regional and State level:

Lee Precision Modern Reloading Book $30 value

Eagle Grips grips for a 1911 $50

Oehler Research 1/2 off model 35 Chronograph certificate $100 value

Shooters Choice $180 worth of product

Slip 2000 $200 worth of product

RoBar Certificate for free refinishing $250 value

Comp-Tac Gear 4 certificates for free holsters $250 value

Para Ord 40% off a Para Ord pistol

Sierra 6 5th edition manuals & 2 coupons for 5 free boxes of bullets each a $400 value

Cor-Bon Glaser 10 certificates @ $50each a $500 value

Montana Gold 5 certificates @ $100 plus hats and shirts over $500 value

Blackwater Training USA Free 3 day pistol course $675 value

Front Sight Training Two 2 or 4 day free training courses $2400 value

Redding Reloading 2 half off your total order certificates

Combat Elite A Tactical Elite CQB knife $325

Mernickle Holster PS6 Holster for a 1911 $80

Bulman Gunleather 1911 holster & Glock holster $160

Got to www.redbrush.org to get your entry form.


IDPA “Thunder on the Ohio” Regional


The “Thunder on the Ohio” Regional Championship will be held in Evansville, Indiana on Saturday June 5, 2004 at Red Brush Rifle Range. This is a sanctioned IDPA Regional Match that will qualify you for the IDPA Nationals.

12 Stages of Fire

150 Rounds


Concealment Match

Free Match T-Shirt

Free Catered Lunch

Prize Table with at least 3 guns

Great Plaques for the Top Shooters

We currently have shooters registered from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Canada. Don’t miss this match. It promises to be one of the top IDPA matches in the Mid-West. The match is filling up fast. Get your registration in today.

There will be two combat house stages of fire.

A police car stage with the lights & siren blaring.

A camping out stage that will take you down a trail.

A carjacking stage that winds up inside a liquor store shootout.

And plenty more. We will squad up on the day of the match. We are giving away top quality plaques to the top finishers. Come enjoy Southern Indiana hospitality and have the time of your life at our Regional Match.

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I know this topic was for the Regional Match, but I didn't find a topic for the State match this year. This seems like a good place for this ...

I was looking at the results from the 2004 IDPA Indiana State Match and I noticed a ton of names of people who are on here! If I'd known so many people from here would be here (whom I've not yet met), I would have tried a little harder to drop by to say hello.

Maybe next time, and congratulations to all of the shooters and the match staff.

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Hey Joe

Missed you

It was a good match..first time I shot as an Expert and I got my clock cleaned, but i was a good match. Bill has gotten several responsed back about how well it went. Parks shoot house was great (my match killer)....all the shooters were great and it ran very smooth

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Hey, Jakester! We missed you last Sunday too! Don't forget IDPA on Saturday at AtlantaCC and USPSA on Sunday at RileyCC!

I saw Mike P. yesterday and he seemed pretty happy with how the match went. It looks like some of the bigger dogs are hitting the big matches in Indiana now, which is good for everyone involved. Mike told me that one of the ESP guys ran the shoot house in 11 seconds and only down a few points. :blink:

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