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2004 Indiana Regional Idpa Championships

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WHERE Red Brush Rifle Range Newburgh, IN

WHEN Satruday June 5th, 2004

HOW MANY STAGES 12 stages of fire

HOW MANY ROUNDS 150 rounds mi

COST $75

Don't miss this one!! Get your entry form in early, first 90 shooters.

Entry forms received before May 24th will receive free match t-shirt.

Lunch is being provided (catered chicken dinner)

Top of the line plaques will be awarded to top finishers in their classifications.

Random drawings for items from the PRIZE TABLE

PRIZES donated by our sponsors so far are:

Wilson Combat 3 certificates for 40% off accessories purchase or 20% off firearm purchase

Hornady 30% off coupon for product

Don Hume 2 $25 gift certificates

Alessi Leather 4 $50 gift certificates

DeSantis 5 25% off coupons

Decot Hy-Wyd 2 $50 gift certificates

Chapman Academy Free 5 day Pistol Class ($600 value)

And the list continues to grow each day

Go to www.redbrush.org for more information and match entry form.

(if you or your company is interested in helping support this and sponsorship, or would like to get information regarding setting up display tables and product demonstration please contact Jake Martens @ jakemartens@aol.com)

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We have had some new sponsors get on board:

Matt Burkett sending his video series

Gunsite sent a buy one get one free 5 day pistol course

(this is great if you and a buddy split the price of one)

Colt sent this really cool "In Honor of Those Who Served" pewter 1911 in a display case

Kramer Leather free certificate for a holster and 2 of those under cover nylon shirt holsters

Blade-Tech Tom Crawford will be sending some product for the tabel

Cen-Dex free certificate for a Storm holster and mag pouch

I have been on the phone with several other companies and will be getting confirmation next week.....Looks like another great table

Here is some info on a couple of the stages, just to get you excited:

We will have two house stages. One house stage will be a par time course of fire. You will be a bomb tech trying to move a bomb out of the house before it explodes. It is a biker's club house and they arrive as you are attempting to remove the ticking bomb. One hell of gun battle develops as you shoot and move the bomb until you are able to put the bomb in the bomb trailer before it detonates.

The other house stage will find you in bed asleep when you suffer a home invasion. You have to get out of bed, go to your night stand and retrieve your weapon and take on the home invaders.

There will be two car stages. One car stage involves your car being hijacked and you shoot your way out and try to make it inside a nearby liquor store to call the police. You are really having a bad day, because when you open the door to go inside and a robbery is in progress and you have to shoot your way out that situation.

The other car stage is "Officer Down II". We will have a police vehicle on the bay and you will be cop involved in a shootout at the end of a vehicle pursuit. The lights and siren will be activated while you are trying to take out the bad guys and get to your wounded partner. If you have never shot and listened to a siren wailing, you haven't lived. (This will be a real Evansville PD car with sirens and lights on)

There will be a camping out stage where your gun is inside your pack and you are attacked by pit bulldogs. You try to make it down the wooded path to your car and you have to take on that damn old bike gang again.

These are a few of the stages that we will be shooting. 12 stages of fire and 150 rounds of ammo. This will be a really fun match to shoot.

Basically, we tried to design stages to meet every challenge we could think of. Using cover, shooting on the move, strong hand shooting, weak hand shooting, gun in a drawer, gun on a shelf, gun inside a pack, gun inside a brief case, and gun on the ground. There will be shooting from a kneeling position, standing position, and prone position. Don't worry, plenty of stages will have the gun in your holster.

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Got a call today from Peg Cowell at S&W and she confirmed with me that S&W will be sending us a SW1911 for the prize table give away.

We also will be receiving from Kahr/Auto Ordnance a 1911 for the prize table give away!!!

Still have spots available

go to

www.redbrush.org and get your entry form in

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Thanks I have really been trying to get the manufacturers and dealers to understand just how important it is to get people interested in coming out to shoot. The more people that you can get out there on the weekends shooting these matches the more word of mouth of how fun it is. The more friends, co workers and family members will get involved. That means more gun sales, holsters, ammo, and accessories. Then these same people might take advantage of their states CCW laws and might just influence them on voting day.

So that means loading up a prize table so shooters have a chance at something in return for their entrance.

You would be surpised at how many companies say no, or don't even respond.

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You would be surpised at how many companies say no, or don't even respond.

I'll try to focus on the positives ... on those that were very generous, and how generous you are with your time for our local "big matches."

Any chance I could get you to do the same for some of our USPSA/IPSC matches??!! You seem to have the golden touch!

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I don't know about the golden touch, I have managed to piss a couple of people off with my constant badgering.

You would have to drag me out to shoot those matches!!

Just wanted to up date you guys on what companies have donated so far. Even if you don't get out to shoot this matches you need to remember these companies when buying. They are willing to give to help the shooting sports:

Smith & Wesson donating a SW1911

Glock sending a certificate for a free pistol

Kahr/Auto Ordnance sending a 1911

Smith & Alexander grips, and mainspring/magwells several sets $350 worth

Caspian Arms 2 set of tactical sights $110 value

Upland USA 5 brass bags $50 value

HiViz Sights $600 worth of sights

Midway USA $25 gift certificate and catalogs

Ruger125 Ruger keychains

Shootin Chrony certificate for a free Chrony Chronograph

Kleenborepistol cleaning kit

XS Sights4 certificates for free sets of sights $680 value

Fobusholster and double mag pouch $50 value

Sign up now go to


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But will Rhino show??? Its the juniors but how many times do you get to use a real 5-OH car for a prop?? There is a rib place called Wolfs that is worth the trip alone.

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You're tempting me, Kent!

Plus, a one in 70 (or however many shooters there will be) chance in winning a new 1911 is almost worth the trip, even without the match!

Oh, what to do! Let's see ... drive all the way down there, come in dead last place in the match, rip my pants, maybe win a good prize ...

Hmmm ... I could go down there on Friday, spend then night, shoot Saturday, drive to Seymour, spend the night, and hit the USPSA/IPSC match at So. Central on Sunday ...

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Turn left out of the hotel parking lot, go to the "T" intersection (Virginia)

turn left, go to light (Burkhardt), turn right go to next light,turn left (Vogel Rd), go 1/2 mile it is on the right.

I should know, I lived at the Drury Inn for 6 months in 2002 when I managed the Dick's Sporting Goods in Evansville.

Hell they are probably still cleaning the room I had!!

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Im not sure about the hotel, since thats my hometown I will be staying at my folks house for the nite and save the $. you know the drill, curfew, clean and sober, no chicks, no parties,, B) Maybe I WILL grab a room. HA!

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According to the Match Entry form the Drury Inn is the match hotel, the phone number is 812-471-3400, and it says to ask for the Shooting match room rate.

Don't know what the rate is, Evansville is my hometown as well and I will be staying with family.

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