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Buying My First Home!!!


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I figure this is an accomplishment so that is why I'm posting in this forum. Well it looks like my fiance and I are purchasing our very first home. We put in an offer and a deposit on a new home. It still needs to be built so we have a few months to wait, but we are both so excited. We've been picking colors for the exterior and interior including carpet, tile, counter tops, etc. etc. etc. This will be our first home so we're extremely excited. It is in Massachusetts so of course it is very over-priced. LOL

But it is a 1908 sq ft. colonial with a farmers porch and two car garage. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths on an acre and a half of land. Too bad it isn't big enough to build my own range but there are a few around this area.

Pete :ph34r:

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Great news! Congratulations. You will just love it. It is a big step, and a first home is really a scarry "concept" as to the level and duration of the financial committment, but that passes soon, and you will truly enjoy a home of "your own".

Best of luck, and remember, the reason for doing it is to ENJOY IT.

Wishing you many years of happiness and satisfaction in your new home.

Best regards,

Jeffro (Jeff)

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Thanks for the encouragement. We've been renting for the last year and didn't plan on buying until next year but I rent went from $1200/month to $1350 which is just such a waste of money. Or mortgage will be a little more than that but we'll own our home and not have to deal with noisy neighbors like we do now. It is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time.


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