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Three-gun Blasters


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Pictures linked instead of posted to avoid bandwidth whining :P


USAS-12 with 10-round magazines, Professor scope rail and EOTech.

18" barrel DPMS lower, FN upper, Leupold 3.5-10 on an Armalite mount, free float handguard with OKO sight, JP trigger group/stainless steel gas block/tank brake, ACE long SOCOM stock.

Benny Hill STI in 9 by 23 with C-More.



Winchester SX2 Pratical, 3-Gun-Gear sidesaddle and plus-two shell holder.


Benny Hill 6" Fat-Free-40


You can probably tell which set I find more amusing :wub:


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I like it a lot. That gun started off as a 20" .940 barrel and now is a 18" .750 barrel. I find the 16" to be a tad short, and the 20" to be just that side of unweildy...the 18" is a nice compromise between short/fast and long/accurate.

I'm working up an AR10 flattop now that will have the same look...a .750 18" stainless barrel, JP tank brake, aluminum handguards, EOTech on the handguard and maybe a 4-14/30mm tube Leupold Mark 4 scope (although my monster 4-14 illuminated Springfield scope will have to do until I can scrape up the money for that Mark 4).


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