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Le Frog Bombes Nuclears


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This open letter to the French government, was a letter to the editor of an Australian newspaper, mocking France about its nuclear testing in the Pacific. Many thanks to Vince Pinto for digging up this gem for us.

Je suis a bit fromaged off avec votre decision to blow up La Pacifique avec le Frog bombes nuclears. Je reckon vous must have un spot in La Belle France itself pour les explosions. Le Massive Central? Le Quay d'Orsay? Le Champs Elysees? Votre own back yard, peut etre?

Frappez le crows avec stones, Sport! La guerre cold est fini! Votres forces militaire need la bombe atomique about as beaucoup as poisson need les bicyclettes.

Un autre point, cobber. Votre histoire militaire isn't tres flash, consisting, n'est-ce pas, of battailles the likes of Crecy, Agincourt, Poitiers, Trafalgar, Borodino, Waterloo, Sedan et Dien Bien Phu. Un bombe won't change le tradition. Je/mon pere/mon grand-pere/le cousin third avec ma grandmere/la plume de ma tante fought avec votre soldats against Le Boche in WWI (le Big One). Have vous forgotten?

Reconsider, mon ami, otherwise in le hotels et estaminets de l'Australie le curse anciens d'Angleterre - "Damnation to the French" - will be heard un autre temps.

Votre chums don't want that.

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This is what MS Word did for me:

I am a bit cheesed off with your decision to blow up the Pacific with Frog bombs nuclears. I reckon you must cuts a spot in Beautiful France itself for the explosions. Massive The Exchange? Quay d' Orsay? The Elysees Fields? Your own back can yard, be?

Strike the crows with stones, Sport! The war cold is finished! Votres forces soldier need the atomic bomb about how much have fish need bicycles.

Another point, cobber. Your military history isn't very flash, consisting, is not this, of battailles the likes of Crecy, Agincourt, Poitiers, Trafalgar, Borodino, Waterloo, Sedan and Dien Bien Phu. A bomb won't change the tradition. Je/mon pere/mon large-pere/le cousin third with my grandmere/la feather of my aunt fought with your soldiers against Boche in WWI (Big One). To you forgotten cuts?

Reconsider, my friend, otherwise in the hotels and pubs of old Australia the curse of England - "Damnation to the French" - will Be heard another time.

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