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This is about Francisco (A-50068)...

Fran, as we call him at home, is my younger son, kid brother to Nelson Jr (A-50069). He's also my 4'7" / 70-pound energy mega-generator! He's into all that's extreme, and competitive in every aspect of his life. I tell ya'... it's impressive to watch this kid at the skate park on his blades!!

Last summer I moved my family from Puerto Rico to Florida, and the little guy made me promise him that, since in Florida there's no firearm permit or license requirement for minors, he would start shooting with me. So it was! When they got here last June, Nelson and Fran had two brand new Glock 17's and the necessary mimimums to start attending the local club matches.

Both my sons make me very proud, especially when they come to the matches and everybody compliments them on how safe they are as they move through the courses of fire and the way they solve the different situations as encountered in the stages. Most of the time, to be able to coach them I would RO them and everyone in the squad gets blown away with the conversations Fran has with me as he shoots. "Papi, I'm running out of ammo..." "Papi, I'm gonna change mag now, OK?..."

Once he was at the end of this COF that finished with an 8" plate at about 20 yds, very low on ammo and his skinny arms shaking because he gets very tired holding the pistol out for too long, he started shooting at the plate... BANG... miss, BANG... miss, BANG... miss, BANG... miss, after making his fifth shot he goes "Papi, this gun is getting really light..." BANG... miss... and now his arms are shaking like that pistol was 50 pounds! He brought the Glock to low ready to take a short rest, he turns his head and asked me: "Papi, I'm tired. What do you think if we leave that plate?" I said, "It's Ok, leave it". He looked at the plate and shot at it for the last time and missed again. He unloaded, showed clear and holstered. His time was close to 1.5 minutes for the stage.

I noticed that he stayed behind me while scoring and when I looked at him to tell him to come look at his shots on paper, that's when I saw the tear going down his cheek. I took a knee and asked him what was wrong and he replied: "I should've emptied that last mag on the stupid plate!" I told him that he did great, that he didn't quit even been so tired, and that even GM shooters finish stages with "mikes", then gave him a big daddy hug.

That shows how competitive this young fella' is. I wish I had half of that spirit in me! And at that point I would've given my life for him to knock down that little plate!

Wish I know how to post a pic of Fran shooting to show you all who I'm talking about.

Just something I wanted to share,

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Very nice story Nelson,

cherish your sons, teach them how to shoot well and: very important, how to live as good citizens and have good discipline!

Teach them how it is to enjoy IPSC-shooting. Give them a hug from me as well.

I started IPSC-shooting a later age, to late! (but I enjoy it), your sons haven the promise of being World Champion, in my country this would be impossible!!!

DVC, Henny Schmitz, The Netherlands (EU)


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