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Universal Revolver Holster

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post-10360-021823200 1288055979_thumb.jp This is showing the holster locked

post-10360-047053400 1288055988_thumb.jp This is unlocked

post-10360-030826700 1288056115_thumb.jp This is the revo adapter

post-10360-098529800 1288056029_thumb.jp To adjust for length, undo the thumbsrew about 1/2 turn, slide up or down and tighten.

post-10360-023649200 1288056105_thumb.jp These photos are to show

post-10360-069675300 1288055894_thumb.jp that just about any

post-10360-003766600 1288056050_thumb.jp revolver will fit.

The basic holster is a Hogue Power Speed for autos, then you can add the revo adapter for any S&W revo from 4" to 8-3/8". The holster can be used left or right hand.

To order:

Check this post.

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