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9mm Tightgroup Loads?

SRT Driver

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4.2 of Titegroup with a 124 gr Rainier at 1.130" OAL. I'm about out of Rainiers and thinking about going to Zeros on my next bullet order. Runs about 1100 for a 136 PF out of a G17 and about 1160 for a 143 PF out of a G34. Less recoil and flip than whitebox or Blazer.

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These are all in a 5.5" barrelled Para P18-9

115gr JHP (Zero)

4.3gr = 1110fps = 127pf

121gr JHP (Zero)

4.0gr = 1050fps = 126pf

125gr JHP (Sierra or MG)

3.9gr = 1025fps = 128pf

147gr JHP (Hornady or Zero)

3.2gr = 875fps = 128pf

All loaded to about 1.15"

Accuracy was best in THAT pistol with the 121gr Zero or the 147gr Hornady.

I also used a coated 125gr Lead CN with 3.7gr of TG for 1040fps = 130pf.

Not as accurate but softer than the JHP to shoot, but real cheap.

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