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Any New Rule Changes/additions?


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Hi Roger,

The meetings went very well. The first day was dedicated solely to Rules work, and the respective Rules Committee Chairman (Neil Beverley for Shotgun, Tim Andersen for Rifle and yours truly for Handgun) submitted our lists of "issues" for discussion, and we went through each item to determine the action required, and we had four categories:

(1) No action required - the rule as it stands now is fine, or

(2) We need to issue a Rule 11.8 interpretation of a rule which requires amplification, or

(3) We need to write a new or improved rule for consideration at the 2004 IPSC General Assembly, or

(4) We could use a new or improved rule, but the matter will be deferred until the 2005 IPSC General Assembly.

At the end of the day, the vast majority of items were classified as (1) or (4) above, there were no items classified as (3) above, but there are a handful of rules which fall under (2) above. An example for Handgun is that we will specifically allow "chamfering" of cylinders in Revolver Standard Division, and a "ruling" will be published on the IPSC website (hopefully within the next 2 weeks). Of course I'll also publish a full set of interpretations here in due course.

The next two days (and late nights!) were IPSC President's Council meetings, where we dealt with strategic planning and broader issues such as our proposed restructuring of IROA, and the creation of three new committees, namely:

(5) SEMINAR SERVICES COMMITTEE to be headed by Neil Beverley, is charged with recommending methods of increasing the number of qualified international range officer instructors, and the redesign and development of revised IROA training materials (including new rifle and shotgun modules).

(6) COMPETITION SERVICES COMMITTEE to be headed by Martyn Spence, is charged with further developing our international competition schedule, taking into account our desire to have Level IV and Level V Shotgun matches, Rifle matches and Tournaments (in addition to established Handgun competitions).

(7) ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES COMMITTEE to be headed by Bob Byrne, is charged with monitoring and reporting on global environmental and range "best management" practices, and how they will affect IPSC competition in the future.

Of course we also dealt with a number of "standard" issues such as forthcoming major matches this year, the next General Assembly, budgetary matters and so on.

I hope this answers your question.

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