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Corn Cob Media


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There was a contractor doing some sand blasting at work today and he was using corn-cob as the blasting aggregate. I went over to his media recepticle and noticed that it looked just like what I tumble in. Maybe just a little finer. I asked thier boss how much he would sell me a bag for . The bags are 50# and he sold it to me for $15. This stuff is a little finer than what most places sell as tumbler media yet nowhere as large as the corncob you can get at the pet store.

You should be able to find it at any commercial painting or sandblasting outfit. The manufacture is "The Anderson Group" out of something like Mumson, Ohio. The product is called "grit-o-cob" and comes in several size grits. The one marked on my bag was 1014.

In a few years when I run out, I will be looking again for the bulk buy :):):)


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I kid you not. In combonation with Pine Ola it gets my brass clean *right now*. I dumped a pile of fithy 40 brass in on saturday and it was done in like 30 minutes or some ridiculous thing like that. I'm used to waiting hours or overnight.

I'm using some bulk brown rice that someone gave me. It was too gawdawful to eat, so I had to do something with it.

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So the cheapest brown rice you can find, with just a shot of Pine Ola?

Well...whatever brown rice happens to come in massive bulk at Costco. I think mine said "Pacific" on the bag - not that the brand should matter. I think the fact that's it's unbleached and unprocessed has something to do with how effective it is. It has a rough surface texture. It's horrible crap to eat - really chewy and gritty and tasteless.

If you live in grain country, I'd bet wheat or barley would work too.

I posted about the PineOla a while back. According to the manufacturer, there's no ammonia, so theoretically it should be safe. I've used it on a few tumbler loads now and not noticed any cracking, so it seems OK. It's much cheaper than the Dillon polish, so I'm much more liberal in how I use it.


You just know this going to start something. I can see people rummaging through the back of their cupboards already for granola, rice crispies, grape nuts, Malt-o-meal... I'm waiting for someone to put cooked rice in their tumbler and come back and bitch. :lol:

The kitty litter was a trip, though. Anybody who sends me brass with kitty litter in it should just plan on getting it back freight collect.

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Wow, Grape Nuts... Now THOSE should cut the crap right off'n the brass, like, IMMEDIATELY. Might even scratch the brass, too. :D (Trouble is, packaged cereal is NOT cheap). :angry:

Anyone willing to try it...?

Again, as a final tumble, I used a combo of heavy grit and way-fine grit corn cob. The fine grit really, really puts a shine on the brass in 35-40 minutes.

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