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New Open Gun


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I have recently acquired a relatively new open gun at a doll of a price. Its previous owner was getting out of USPSA and into SASS and I was giving SASS a break and picking USPSA back up, so we worked out a great deal.

The gun is built on a P16/40 that had been converted to 357 SIG. I am not real sure why he choose to convert it from 40.

I am planning to shoot it as-is for a while. But I am also thinking about converting it back to 40SW.

I am also thinking about building a 40SW Limited Slide for the gun. I would probably sell the OPEN slide and buy parts for Tommy Abernathy to build the LIMITED one (nice thing about living down the road from Tommy).

Anyone have any experience with 357 SIG as an open gun?

James Flowers

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The most likely reason to convert to a .40 caliber Open gun to .38 caliber (.355) is to have a much wider range of good projectiles available at a reasonable cost. .40/10mm jacketed projectiles are quite expensive and the lightest readily available ones weigh in at about 135-155grs. These projectiles also have the ballistic coefficient of a brick wall. Without replacing the entire top end, and magazines, 357 Sig or 9x25 are a feasible alternative. All that is required is to change the barrel/comp. If you want the ability to shoot factory ammunition, that eliminates 9x25. If your intent is to exclusively reload, the 9x25 has more powder capacity and allows the use of slower powders. The downside is that you have less magazine capacity than a comparable super.


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