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Custom S&W Revolver Front and Rear Sight Photos

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We are selling S&W custom front and rear sights.

Front sight options:

These custom sights are .100" wide (thinner than normal, which is .125" wide) x 3/4" long, with the following options:

1) Style - Pin-on or Classic Style Patridge

2) Sight - All Black or 1mm Fiber Optic (FO).

3) Color - If Fiber Optic, please indicate: green, red, or orange

3) Height - .200", .250", or .300" tall.

Below are some pictures of different sight options, starting with a picture of the muzzle of a gun with a classic sight:

post-10360-086669800 1286748443_thumb.jp
Muzzle with hole for classic sight

post-10360-080074700 1286748402_thumb.jp
Pin-on black

post-10360-073683500 1286748393_thumb.jp
Classic black

post-10360-055424900 1286748410_thumb.jp
Pin-on FO (orange)

post-10360-053748500 1286748460_thumb.jp
End view, red FO

post-10360-080537200 1286748452_thumb.jp
End view, green FO

Pictures of sights mounted on a revolver.

post-10360-020268000 1286748422_thumb.jp

post-10360-089025200 1286748430_thumb.jp

To order:

Please see this post. and indicate the following:

1) Options - Style, Sight, Color, Height

2) Quantity - If different options, please be sure to specify each combination of options.

Payment needs to be sent prior to shipment.

Thank you!


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