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Quit a stage?

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2008 S&W Winter Nationals.


I shot a stage.  As the SO and I headed to the right to score targets, people on my squad started pasting targets from the left before I could see my hits.  I was told I had 5 misses on three targets.  I never saw all the targets before they were pasted.  The targets were close, and I won the accuracy title in 2007.  I was shooting Master Class in CDP at the time, and I've never had 5 mikes on a stage.  I got screwed over.  It pissed me off so bad, I packed up my gear and left.  I've never been back.

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Had one where the night before I was messing with the slide stop on my limited gun. Got the idea I didnt want it to go to slide lock so i took the trusty dremel to it. First 4 or 5 stages went great. Halfway through the next stage I step on an activator and go to shoot the swinger, nothing happens. Go to rack the gun and look down and see the mag.... me and the RO kind of stood there for a few seconds in shock. 


The other time I was about to quit after sliding on my face about 3ft in rocks. Looked at the RO and he said I was good. Got up and finished the stage.

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