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PFC Gebrah P. Noonan

B.J. Norris

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I just learned that a soldier with a bright future in the service was killed last Thursday in Fallujah, Iraq. It truly sickens me that it was a fellow US Soldier that shot and killed not only PFC Noonan, but also SPC. John Carrillo Jr, as well as wounding a third. Out of the ways we talked about being injured downrange, being purposely shot by one of our own brothers never crossed our minds.

I personally knew Noonan, having had the honor of sleeping on the next bunk during OSUT. He was always one of the hardest working and best soldiers in 1st Platoon, D Co. 1/50 during that cycle, and have no doubt that he carried that to 3/15, 4th INF BCT. RIP Brother, you'll be sorely missed.

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