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Egil Smestad


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It was with great sadness I learned that Egil Smestad died suddenly, earlier this week.

He was one of the pioneers in IPSC in Norway and was with us since the '70s/80s.

Egil helped to get the sport of the ground here, and was also instrumental in establishing some national divisions/programs.

He also traveled abroad to attend matches and met many of the greats in the sport. Worked as an RO at the US Nationals for some years.

I only came into the sport a few years ago but was fortunate to join the same club as Egil and got to know him a little bit.

He was always nice, kind and a great person. He was always happy to tell stories from the "old days" (from my point of view). It was great just to talk to him about his experiences, like from his time in the US Nationals and all the other people he met from that era.

Rest in Peace, Egil.

You will be sorely missed.

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I am deeply saddened by this news. For some reason I thought of Egil yesterday, now perhaps I know why.

I worked with Egil and Sheri Freer at the Nationals for several years when I first started RO'ing.

Both were fine folks. I lost track of both of them as the years went by.

I hope Sheri is doing well, and I pray Egil rest in peace.

Gary Stevens

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I was shocked when I read about Egil passing away today, I have been thinking about him a lot lately and been looking forward to visit when I get home.

I still have the "Dont mess with Texas" t-shirt and a bottle of his favorite drink that I bought for him last time over sitting on top of my gun-locker, I did not find the time to visit yet this summer and now it is too late...

Egil got me hooked on 1911 Colts and answered any question with expert knowledge, it is his doing that I am the proud owner of one of the finest Colt 1911 5" customs I have ever seen and touched.

When I picked it up at his place in Oslo he was grinning ear to ear, it turned out as one of the best pieces he had seen as well.

From Egil`s recommendation it sits in a classic Milt Sparks A1T-holster with matching belt and mag holder with Wilson Combat 8-rounders, the very same holster model carrying his .380 Super custom 4,5" until last time I saw it this spring, hopefully that set will stay together wherever it ends up.

He was always talking about his american friends and I know that he would have loved to come over again to hang out with you guys and shoot, I could see how he missed it when I talked about my trips.

I will never forget Egil, though our friendship was cut short some of his spirit will always be with us and the 1911 stays with me forever.

Rest in peace my friend

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