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We Will Never Forget!


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I was sitting in 1st class on a US Air flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando - landed 20 minutes early, around 9:55 am, turned on my phone and recieved a panic voice mail from my Dad, thought something happened to my Mom, and then I found out - turned on the radio & the 2nd Tower just collapsed - just like when Kennedy was shot, something you will never forget.

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I immediately loaded up. AR's in the work truck, CCW. Our fire chief was very lenient at the time about concealed weapons while on duty and in the command vehicle.

From the T.V. I new those fireman where going to lose their lives and they knew that too.

Here is to common Americans doing uncommon things!

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9/11 doesn't haunt me nearly as much as the days-months following. I was living in southern CT at the time an would semi-regularly take the train into "the city" for work. There were bulletin boards all over Grand Central plastered with missing persons posters. I'd walk by hundred if not thousands of those fliers on the short walk from the train to my job. That was truly frightening time. God bless everyone especially those still looking for their loved ones.

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