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The below message is posted on the USSA website. I had the privledge to know Tom both as an employer and as a friend. He had a unique vision for USSA and did a tremendous job not only with the range, but the training staff and support for USPSA and all the shooting sports. I'm just stunned. He will be missed.

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I must announce today the death of Mr. Tom Fee, owner and president of the USSA. The originator of this dream that we all call USSA, Tom was a man with a keen and driven vision of what he would design, fund, and construct for our future USSA family. A heart as large as this academy itself, Tom promised to provide a state of the art training facility for our military, law enforcement, and civilian defense training where real-life lessons would not only be practiced, but would become the common theme of each day. No stone un-turned, No innovation refused, No cost too large. TOM DELIVERED!!

Your current facility that we all enjoy and love daily is the continuation of all that Tom Fee envisioned providing to you. Tom is gone, but his dream is larger, the vision is constant, and our determination is unbreakable. The USSA, forever under the watchful eye of "Tommy", will continue to succeed and flourish for many years to come and will never compromise our relentless commitment to the USSA family that rests deep within our core ethos:

That's right pal, TO ALWAYS WIN THE FIGHT

Tommy you will be missed

In honor of Mr. Tom Fee and in respect to his wonderful wife Bridget and their 5 daughters, the USSA will recognize a day of mourning and will be closed for business Wednesday Sept 1, 2010. We will re-open tomorrow Sept 2, 2010, ready, willing and determined to provide our USSA family the quality of service, training, and camaraderie that you have grown accustomed to during the past 5 years. I thank all of you in advance for your patience and understanding during these difficult and challenging times and would ask that you keep the entire Fee family in your thoughts and prayers at a time when they will need them most.

I look forward to seeing you all down range soon

Semper Fi




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Brad is such the wordsmith and does the academy proud. Tom will be missed for who he was and what he has done for our shooting sports. I wish his wife and 5 daughters the best. Its a sad day for the USSA family. You are all in my prayers.

RIP Tom. Keep a good eye on things and watch our backs. Thanks for all you did.

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