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What is your Tanfoglio Set-up! PICTURES PLEASE!


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Tanfoglio .40 Custom Limited HC

Hennings magwell & grips, Henning XL firing pin and 13lb Wolf hammer spring.

Have taken out the firing pin safety, ground off the front strap & replaced with grip tape, buffed all the sharp edges off.

Henning 520 & 550 mag base pads with Grams springs & followers. Gives 18 +1 rnds.

Run with BladeTech holster also from Henning which replaces my Ghost holster.

Waiting on Henning developing -. rear sight, sear & hammer.

Thinking about getting Henning foresite, guide rod, and more mag base pads.

Trigger is a lot better now and have adjusted reset & over travel down as far as I can but still prefer the trigger on my S&W 1911 also shown.


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Here is Mine!!!

Gun: Elite Match

Caliber: .38 Super Comp

Modifications: Henning iFiber w/Green Rod, Conefit Guide Rod, 10 Pound Recoil Spring, EGW Sear/Hammer, 13 Pound Hammer Spring, Extra Power Extractor Spring, JB Weld Nickel to mag release button and griptape on it, Limited mag well covered in water weld and liquid steel painted with blue enamel paint, Finger grooves cut from factory rubber grips and cut to fit mag well.



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Eaa is non supportive barrel unlike a 1911..the barrel

rides on the slide stop ONLY and years ago when power factor

was still 175. these were breaking. Now that PF is only 165,

these guns will hold up on major. These pins are hardened

from EGW and Henning.

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The other part of the reason for no slide stop release is that most people play in the Limited and Open division with these guns. The gun is always kept topped off while shooting. In these divisions, a shooter's plans has gone dramatically awry if they are shooting the gun dry.

I play in the Limited 10 division. Most people think I'm a masochist for playing in the L-10 without a slide stop on my Witness Match. I've discovered that with the slide stop installed, I ride my support thumb on it. Instead of the advantage of having additional recoil control, I actually end up driving the gun to the right. In theory, I can train my way out of it, but it was easier simply to not to have it there. The other side benefit for me is that I really have to plan my reloads well.

Here's my baby:


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Yes, the grip is smaller with the Henning grips. Works well for my smaller hands dealing with a large frame gun. I don't have to shift my hand as much when hitting the mag release for reloads. I think somebody posted on another thread exactly how much thinner the gun is with the aluminum grips.

It's not in the pics, but I now have grip tape on left grip panel to try to give the ball of my left palm some friction where it contacts the grip. The checkering works great for fingers and the flat of the palm of my right hand. Next project as the shooting season winds down will be getting just a plain left grip panel from Henning and trying the putty to build up the left side some more without getting the way of the right thumb that needs access to the mag release. That or I'll try carving up the old rubber grip.

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