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N. Texas Section Championship

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North Texas Section Championship on Sept 25, 2010 (4th Saturday) at the Double Tap Ranch in Wichita Falls.

8 Stages, One Day about 230-250 Rnds Theme: "It's Vegas Baby" Entry Fee $60.00..... Prizes, Trophies, Fun Great warm up for the Nationals.... in vegas. Mark your calenders

I am going to the Be the match director as far as set up and stage design so look for an exciting Match. So tell your friends


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No match Hotel for This Match More of a Last minute deal. Any of the Hotels on the Double Tap Web page would be good Registration will begin at 7:30 am on Saturday Morning.

THe Prize table will be: the Top Folks (1st Place) in each Division and Class with more than Five in a Division will go first, then random draw after they go. we are only taking 80 folks and already have 45 signed up so don't wait get you online registration in NOW! ( still have to Mail a CHeck or Money order after reg. online)

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Are you going to shoot Production as well?

Why in the hell would I want to shoot that slow? surprise.gif

Spanky come on now....... Dave shooting production would be like you shooting revolver............

That's funny, right there... I don't care who ya are...

Man, I haven't kept up, did the Chief make GM in production? That is AWESOME :cheers:

Yes, indeedee.... With the last update... :) Now he can sit back and enjoy the year long period of suck that usually seems to accompany a new GM card .... cheers.gif

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