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New Range Construction Question

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We're expanding our range and need to come up with ideas on separating the pistol bays, dirt berms will take up too much room so we need walls of some sort and they'll need to be about 40 yards long, any ideas? Thanks

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We got BIG concrete blocks from the local redi-mix company. @32"w32"Tx6'long. They

have forms just sitting at the plant. When a truck comes back with a little

concrete left, they just pour it in these forms. They have hooks poured in to grab

them with a big machine. They also have a "keyway" in the middle for stacking

them on top of each other. Our excavating guy gets them for about $50 a piece.

They work great for dividing bays when you don't have the footprint for a dirt

berm. He loads them with the back-hoe, and brings them out on the semi trailer.


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