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Limited 10 - What are you shooting?


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I am using my 6" SVI. I am trying to rebuild my skill level so I am sticking to one platform for USPSA for at least a year. I will run it in Limited 10 when I fell I need to practice stage breakdown and reloads.

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Colt Special Combat .45. Chip McCormick Power mag plus. My wife runs the same mags in a Kimber Team Match II. I have the added benefit of being able to run the same gun SS so it is a matter of stage management to switch.

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The only time I shot in L10 was at a special classifier match at the Bigfork Gun Club in April. I shot my S&W1911 (.45 ACP) with Wilson 10 rd mags.

BTW, I classified 'C' at that match.

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