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CZ75 Gaming holsters?


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So my wife has decided she wants to get involved with gaming and is making me pick her up a CZ75 this week :wub:. Any advice on holsters for the 75 (and for women in general)? She will probably be shooting mostly IDPA, with a little USPSA thrown in. Whatever she gets for a holster she will not be using for CC. Any help?

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Thanks for the heads up guys. Now if only I can find one loacally and avoid having to wait over a week for one to ship..

Good luck with that. Best bet would probably be to order from somebody who has one in-stock... like CZ Custom.

http://czcustom.com/BT-DOH-CZ75B-CZ85-and-SA-Right-Hand.aspx (75/85/SA)

http://czcustom.com/BT-DOH-CZ75B-SP01-Right-Hand.aspx (SP-01)

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Give Ron a call at Unholstered.com he is local to you.

LOL, I already have a DOH on order from Unholstered, I found him thru a local board. It will work for now, but I think I'm gonna order a DA and see what happens. If nothing else it will be FS in a hurry.

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