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Shooting Grip: bending/breaking of your strong wrist

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A noob here, obviously. :o)

I have a question regarding two-handed grip while using isosceles or modified isosceles. Do you bend your shooting hand's wrist slightly outward? I have been watching instructional videos by Todd Jarrett, and have adjusted my grip accordingly. I definitely feel more steady. However, his videos do not address the wrist/hand position.

When you reach straight out using two-handed grip and pointing the muzzle forward, the pistol and your torso are nominally perpendicular. Does it make sense to keep your shooting hand relatively straight and aligned with the forearm, which means the supporting hand will bend/break more outward; thus, the pistol-to-torso relationship is no longer perfectly perpendicular. Consequently, when you sight the target, your head/dominant-eye may tilt a bit toward the shooting hand for alignment. FYI -- I have yet to try it at the range.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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