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New Super 1050 primer problems

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Trying to get running on a new 1050 and am having issues with the priming station.

About 30% of the time the primer cup is empty. I'm doing small rifle primers.

I've tried the trick from the FAQs about gluing a bullet to the top of the plastic rod. Bench is pretty stable (I'm going to bolt it to the wall soon).

I removed the retaining tab and watched as I dropped a primer in the tube, with the toolhead raised, and it looks like the primer bar goes a little to far back. The primer catches on the front of the cup and remains tilted so that the primer tube tip flips it out.

Is there any way to adjust how far back the primer slide goes? I thought maybe the slide stop was variable thickness and rotating it would adjust, but it is uniform thickness.

Thanks for any help.


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I guess my screen name fits :)

I'd looked at the plastic tip through the front and it looked fine. Figured it being new no need to pull it apart. After your suggestion I pulled it out and the guide notch was broken on back.

Replaced it and just ran 50 rounds without problems.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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