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Speed Reloading

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I think this technique is fine, but I prefer to drop the old mag by pushing the mag release with my trigger finger the same time my left hand grabs the new mag. This way the old mag has fallen off already when I get the new one up for inserting it. This saves time as I can directly put it in, not first ram the old one out.

Also I am not convinced his racking under the gun is the fastest way for iron sighted gun. If needed, I always have racked the AK:s by tilting the gun slightly and grabbing the racking lever over the gun. To me the mag seems to be in the way if you do it under the gun like in the video above. If you have optics on the AK, things change obviously.


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Here is a video of one of my shooting partners discussing the how's of speed reloading an AK...he uses a technique which easily keeps up with average AR shooter's reloads. Check it out!

I never realized till now, that this reload can be done without actually engaging the mag release. Looks like the mag in the gun can just be pushed forward and out without the mag release button being engaged. Did I see this correctly?

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The trigger finger punching the mag release works well if you have long monkey fingers.

I personally use the new mag to hit the mag release and knock out the old mag.

I keep the gun on the shoulder and operate the bolt handle with my trigger hand.

It's probably slower than reaching over the top or under with a mag in the way, but it feels more natural.

I have not timed myself.

Here is a 4 second reload with a visual chamber check from standing to kneeling.


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