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wilson etm questions


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I purchased a new S I uspsa single stack pistol for IDPA cdp Along with this gun i also purchased 6 new Wilson ETM magazines. All six mags fail to eject the 7th round. It tries to feed round 8, but does not eject round 7. Gun functions 100% with factory mag, and friends Chip McCormick mags. Is there a break in period for these mags? Is there a fix? Has any one else had issues of this sort?

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I replaced all my CMC mags in May of this year with Wilson ETM's. The first 1500 rounds or so, the Wilson mags ran perfectly, then all of sudden, would fail to lock the slide back on the last round. Well, I accused my slide stop, the followers in the mags, the springs, you name it. After pulling may hair out trying to figure out what was going on with the mags...... I stopped and took a look at ..........ME.

I found that , for some unknown reason, my grip had deteriorated and I was riding the slide stop with my support hand, causing the malfunction of the mags.

We all like to point to some mechanical reason for our shortcomings in this sport, however it's always prudent to look at ourselves as the causative agent as well.

When I corrected my grip, my mag failures magically dissapeared....... go figure :blush: !!

Good luck

THG :cheers:

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