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I got a message from an old friend today on Facebook, with an unusual request. Her father was asking for me to give him a call. I hadn't been over to Ted's house since Anita was in highschool, easily 20 years ago. I think I last saw him 10 years or more ago, when my daughter was first born and we were shopping for cribs. I always liked Ted. He was a humble but happy man, who took life as it came, but always with an eye to the future.

He's got three daughters, and no sons or from the sounds of it, son-in-laws that he trusts. His health is not great, and at 79 he's trying to make sure there are no avoidable difficulties left for his wife if he should pass. He wants me to come over and help him clean out his collection of rifles and shotguns.

I'll go over tomorrow to take down a description and pictures, and post them on our local exchange forum. I know I can get him a fair price and find his collection a good home. I doubt his wife or girls would do anything stupid with them, but clearly he doesn't want them bothered.

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It's good that he has someone like you he trusts.

Though not in that position for many years to come (only 58 on last birthday), I've started to cut down the collection in the gun safe. Two daughters and a wife that have no interest in shooting means I can let my treasures go early or risk them being "stolen" by a bunch of greedy SOB's.

Like I said, it's good he has someone he can trust.


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