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Farewell Capt. Kangaroo


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Very sad news! :( I miss sharing my mornings with the Captain, and now he's gone. I feel like I've lost a friend, but he's left a wonderful legacy among those of us who remember and loved him.

Maybe he and Mr. Greenjeans can make some more shows in Heaven! :)

Now I know that at least a few of you understand some of my references such as when I call someone a "Crabby Appleton."

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What a cool guy! And yes Bis, I fondly remember Mr. Moose and the falling ping-pong balls too. :D

We really don't have much time here on earth. Bob Keeshan invested much of his time just making kids happy.

Eternity.....what a concept!

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Sorry to see both Mr. Rogers and now Captian Kangaroo leave us...

As an aside, of every bio or piece on these two as they passed away (they were friends by the way -), how many references did you see that they were both decorated military veterans? Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal, and the Captain a Marine. And were pretty good at it from what I've heard B)

I guess it doesn't "fit" with the spin that the media wanted to put on the obits and farewell stories.....

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