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Milling rear sights,


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Hey guys, when milling rear and front sights in a slide do you indicate the top of the

slide or do you go by the rails that have been machined on the bottom of the slide?

Dawson sights if that makes any difference.



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I use an edge finder to locate each side near the top of the slide, then find the center and set zero. Then everything is figured from the centerline of the slide. It's easy to make any cuts or holes the same number either side of center.

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I've only cut sights into one slide, but when I did I indicated to the top of the slide. The angle is pretty small, but the bomar cut is pretty long. It might show if you just set the rails on parallels in the vice.

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Parallel to the top. The standard sight height takes into account the angles involved.

Same here.

As mentioned the cuts (and sights themselves) look better when parallel and squared with the top of the slide.

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