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Fourtrax's Range Report

Chris iliff

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Haven’t had a chance to dial anything in. The weather in Indiana has been crazy. When I wake up on April 19th to a dusting of snow I want to curse my Indiana settling ancestors. Rain and cold, cold and rain. 


Sold camper. Sold truck. Looking for different of each. 


NRA in Dallas coming up. That is always a fun trip. 


If if I ever get a nice day I’ll do some shooting and testing. 

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NRA was great. Saw some old friends and that was nice. 


Shot Warsaw. Gun and mages ran flawlessly. So much better than a year ago. Overall I was 11th out of 28 shooters.  


I won SS division shooting 9 minor.  That was a surprise. I shot good points mostly. No mikes, no penalties. Shot a bit slow. Classifiers calc showed a solid 79% on classifier Six. Draw was glacial and I had one make up on the steel. 


Not it sure how much more I’ll be shooting. Maybe Ft. Wayne next, not sure. 


It it was fun. Good squad. 

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Well I did get to FT. Wayne today. 


6 State level stages and they are only drawing 20-30 shooters a month. Which is sad. 


I shot SS Minor. Ended 5th out of 23. I had some minor issues, ammo related,...all on me and easily fixed. Basically I shot up some cast rounds that were loaded long. They caused some gun hiccups.


i Barney’d a round using a mag that came with the gun. I did not get the mag seated. No round chambered. Imagine my surprise as the first shooter on our first stage and my first shot was the loudest CLICK I ever heard. I was discombobulated to say the least. I managed to turn a really cool 10 second cross-swinger type stage into 40 seconds of misery. 


it did gradually get better from stage to stage. So I can’t complain.


I mean heck,...

I do not practice. My reloads are glacial. My movement needs work. Transitions could be clocked with a sun dial. Blah blah blah. 


I HAD A BLAST!!!!!  It was hot and tiring but I was on the range with some real good people. 


Thank you Corey and Ryan and all the set up crew at Ft. Wayne. What an outstanding and challenging match. 


If you are in Indiana and take USPSA seriously, this is a must go match. You are going to become a better shooter with this match as part of your monthly itinerary. This place should be rocking 40-50 shooters monthly.  

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Concur with Chris, this is a great match.  Ryan and his crew deserve a better turn out to appreciate the level of local match they provide.  We always have a great time at Ft. Wayne.  Thanks to all involved.  

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Put another NRA Convention in the books. Talked with Jake and Foley and Rick Steele while there. Good guys. 


House still raking time. Dryed in with most of the insulation done. Hoping to clear it up this summer. 


Work isn’t going well. My company is pulling the factory out of my hometown. Sq. D has been operating in Peru, Indiana, since the turn of the 1900’s. I’ve been there for 25 years. Not sure what I’ll do next. 



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First year in a long time  I’ve managed to not shoot one match. 

House project still ongoing. Drywall being done as I type. 

After 25 years at Schneider Electric my last day was Aug. 23rd. The company is going strong, but decided to close the Peru, In. Location. One of its oldest locations and a mainstay in my small hometown. It’s been sad. 

I’ve traveled a bit visiting my oldest daughters. Also my first and only grandchild was born Aug. 25th, so that was a must trip to Maine!


Went to trucking school on Schneider’s dime and got my CDL class A. 

Life has been moving along. 

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Truck driving is fun. Divorce,...not so much. Spent entire 2020 coping with that “out of the blue” divorce. 

Bought 17 acres. Will shoot again someday. So much in the shooting world I would like to accomplish. So many friends I miss, some gone now, passed on. 

R. I. P. Coach

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Almost a year after my last post. No shooting for a long time. In process of building my very own pole barn house. Drywall on Monday. 

I reread my first page of this diary. Coach made the first comment. That was 12 or so years ago. Time moves. 

Still think about shooting.  Sometimes Juju calls to me. 

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