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Dura Coat AR-15

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I purchased a used but relatively clean condition AR-15 that has a great JP trigger and mechanically is in first rate condition.

The outward appearance showed some wear - not abuse - and I considered my options.

The stock was slightly marked and and the comp had some surface areas where the bluing was less than perfect.

I decided to try a Dura Coat re-finish: from Alternative Finish.

Tim, the owner talked me into a two tone look with the stock, barrel, and controls black and the receiver gray.

The results were unbelieveable. It looks better than new - the two color approach really sets it apart and the re-finish on the stock has saved me the expense of changing it for a new stock.

I suggest this type of re-finish over a re-blueing as I believe it is more durable and much better looking.

The turnaround time was two weeks - a minor miracle for "gunsmithing" modifications.



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