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C-More Sights


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I'm looking for a C-More Sight. Can everyone post pics and there own personal reviews of them.

I was thinking about this one.


Has anyone used this one? Or know of one that is better all around?

I've got a Slide Ride on an Alex C-More mount for my EAA Gold Custom and a Tactical on my AR. I previously had a Serendipity on my STI open gun. All of these models are basically the same thing - the Tactical is a Slide Ride on a custom mount - and I've happy with them all. The STS is a different animal all together however. I've got a Burris FastFire on one of my plinking pistols. Same basic design, but less expensive. I'm happy with it, I plan to put on a shotgun shortly as well. There are a number of other similar designs as well - JPoint, Doctor (is this one still around?), Leupold Delta Point, Trijicon, etc.

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